Montifs — A New Beginning

Montifs — A New Beginning

Hello guys, happy December! It is the last month of this very fast paced year and it is also the month of love, giving and the looking forward to a brand new beginning for the incoming 2016! Over here at Montifs we were gearing up for a new beginning of our own as well — a brand makeover! We couldn't wait till the new year to start afresh and so here we are, with our revamped look complete with a new logo and such!

We did a shoot over at Studio M a few weeks ago to commemorate this milestone and to tie our new collection together with the festive season too which meant lots of prepping for the shoot but it was all worth it :)

As we were able to shoot at Studio M, we decided to turn our shoot into one that feels like a holiday experience between two best friends who just want to have fun and relax so the main pieces we chose to highlight were those that can be pulled off easily — Kendall Knitted Sphag Top for Erica and a denim shirt for Hanan, and of course both paired with casual high waist jeans from our store!

The pool is a place most of us will head to when we're on a relaxing holiday trip somewhere so we let our girls dip their feet into the pool as a form of treat since it was a really warm day and also because we are really considerate people *inserts emoji with halo*

Featured in this scene are our printed co-ord sets, a must have for everybody who is scooting off for their beach holidays!

Next we have our models don on pieces from our latest arrivals for a day out vibe; dresses, tops, skirts — ideal for two girls heading out together for a chit chat (or gossip) session ;)

Besides depicting the touristy/holiday scene, we took this opportunity to spread the shoot across our festive period (Christmas) as well as our new brand relaunch too! Talk about killing two birds with one stone huh?

Christmas coloured dresses, santa hats and fairy lights.. We made Christmas arrive early in our lovely Studio M Studio Loft room! Truth to be told, we were feeling rather festive during the shoot with the decorations and the background music playing on. Well, what can we say? We work hard and we play as hard ;)

Keep a look out on our Facebook and Instagram page for a Christmas giveaway that is coming soon! Since it is the spirit and season of giving, we would love to be able to give something back to you guys as a small token of our appreciation since we are only at where we are right now thanks to the support you've showed us along the way :)

Last but definitely not the least, we summed up our shoot with a confetti filled scene to celebrate our brand's relaunch of a new look! We have been working hard behind the scenes amidst all the indoor/outdoor shoots and sifting/packing of orders to bring you our revamped look and it is something we are really proud of — so here's to Montifs' new beginning and we hope you would accompany us through this progressive journey of more good things to come!

If you don't already know, we are currently holding an Instagram giveaway contest in conjunction with our 'New Beginning'  Simply post a photo with a caption best explaining what 'A New Beginning' means to you and hashtag #montifsrelaunch, make sure you are following us on Instagram and that your account isn't privatized to participate! Contest ends on 15th Dec (Tuesday) at 11:59pm and a winner will walk away with $120 worth of evoucher! Best caption wins so show us your most meaningful/creative caption!

That's it for now and we hope you guys have a great Christmas and an even better new year ahead! Make the last few days of 2015 count, go out and create memories! :)

Montifs Team
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