International Women's Day

8th March 2016 may be a rather normal day to most of us but it is also International Women's Day - a day where females are celebrated for their progresses and successes across different cultures (yay go girl power!)

We managed to catch Mong (more affectionately known as @mongabong) for a short chat as part of the awareness campaign for International Women's Day (IWD) and to understand what this rising influencer has been up to lately!

Hello Mong! Thank you for taking your time out for us! What have you been busy with lately?
Hello!! Thank YOU for taking the time and for having me here. It’s my honour! This week has been a crazy one at school, I just finished my mid-terms a few days ago, and got more work coming up! I’ve also been busy with my blog and a new YouTube series I’m hosting. But I’m enjoying my final semester in school to the fullest!

How do you wind down and take a break from your schedule?
I eat! I find the most comfort in eating, good food of course. That’s like my motivation after a full day of work and shoots. Other than that, I love playing with make-up and I sometimes go into a full face-paint mode in the middle of the night where I try out new products and looks on myself. That, to me is really relaxing and it makes me really happy when I discover a new holy grail product or a new look I can rock.

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You always seem so cheerful and positive! What are some life mantras you live by to stay that way?
I guess, to remind myself that I am blessed in many ways and when shit happens, it happens for a reason. I just gotta be positive and believe that it’s gonna get better eventually. And it never fails. Of course, I’m not cheerful and positive all the time, I try my best to, but nobody’s perfect in that area! Hahaha.

Which 3 words would you use to describe your fashion style?
Definitely casual, comfortable and wearable!

How would you dress yourself up if you want to feel like an empowered and independent woman?
I’ll pick a pair of good tailored pants, or a pair of trendy culottes for that wide legged effect. There’s just something about wider bottoms that make me feel and look powerful. That makes me confident. If I’m feeling a little girlier that day, I’ll pick a structured, body hugging dress that can accentuate my figure. Those dresses are really flattering and give me curves I never had!

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As a female influencer, how do you feel about the rising age of feminism - with more women taking charge of their careers and general lives?
I think it’s definitely good and I’m very proud that we’ve got so many advocates out there that are willing to stand up for women rights. Although I may not agree with every single one of them (especially those with extreme views) , in general I believe women are powerful human beings and we are definitely equally as capable.

What are some words of advice and encouragement you have for those out there trying to work towards their dreams?
Keep at it, show your passion and hard work to the world. It may be daunting at the start and you may face obstacles along the way, keep your eyes fixed on your dream and keep working at it. Fruits of labour will follow afterwards and it will be all worthwhile!

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What are some projects or plans that you will be working on for the rest of the year?
I’ll be graduating in April this year, which is really really soon! So that gives me a lot more time to work on improving the content of my blog, Instagram and videos, so do expect lots of collabs, travelling, and more of me coming out on a more personal level to let the world know the girl behind mongabong.

2016 is also the year I’m gonna be investing a lot of time and effort on learning, and making YouTube videos, so do lend your support over there by subscribing and leaving feedback on how I can further improve! I can’t wait to finally grow up and kick start this new chapter of my life where I can channel all my time and energy into doing the things I love and also to share them with the people and readers that matter so much to me :’)

Sounds exciting! All the best to you and thank you again for sharing with us! :)



To our female readers out there, keep working at your dreams and don't be afraid to show your passion like what Mong said! When times are hard, we should embrace the fact that good change is coming soon since life is a rollercoaster; where there are downs there are definitely ups! (It seems like it is supposed to be the other way around but let's get some good vibes going here!)

Happy International Women's Day to all of you ladies working hard everyday for your own dreams and goals in life! Whatever your goal is, be it to be your own lady boss, to be a wife or a mother, remember you should never let anybody tell you your dream is invalid or insignificant - protect your dreams and aspirations; they are and will always be a part of you! :)


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