Montifs x Sappun

SAPPUN is a women's shoe brand designed for customers who want to wear quality and luxurious shoes anytime, anywhere. Similar to MONTIFS, the both brands strive to bring both comfort and style be it for everyday-wear or for special occasions.

MONTIFS and SAPPUN held a successful collaborative giveaway during August where 2 different sets of outfit would be given to 2 lucky participants on both ends of each brand. 

The first featured outfit includes our best-selling basic Zera Toga Top – Seafoam, ever-versatile Blancha Midi Denim Skirt and Sappun’s chic-casual Prouha Rattan Strap Slipper. The second featured outfit is our feminine and dainty Jacy Sleeveless Slit Playsuit and Sappun’s classic Ponita Double Strap Heels.

Zera Toga Top (Left), available in White, Black, Marigold, Seafoam.

Jacy Sleeveless Slit Playsuit (Right), available in Navy & Periwinkle.


MONTIFS prides itself on affordability and quality, and collaborates with partners of similar alignments. Importance of quality is a shared value between MONTIFS and SAPPUN, where every piece of apparel is manufactured with assured quality. Fabrics and materials are chosen with the intention of bringing continuous value through its durability and comfort that can stand the test of time.

Use code “MONTIFS” for 10% off all shoes at SAPPUN till 30th September 2020.

Additional 15-20% for Ponita Double strap Mule Slippers & Prouha Rattan Strap Slipper from 4th to 7th September 2020.