Say hello to Serenity Part 1! 👋🏻

Hey there Montifs girls! 👋🏻
Our Serenity Part 1 collection is here! Are you loving it as much as we are? 😏
Serenity is all about your essential cosy classics. Hence, if you’re heading back to your air-conditioned office or even going on your Sunday brunch date, these are the perfect pieces for you! 😏 
With all the different styles, there’s definitely something for you in this collection. Here at Montifs, we aim to create comfortable & trendy pieces to keep that smile on your face! 😁
Therefore, let’s see the intriguing pieces we have in Serenity Part 1! 👀

Starting with the Kenzie Basic Ribbed Top! Comes in 5 essential colours: Oat, Walnut, Ocean, White & Black. What we love about this ribbed knit top with a scoop neckline is the fact that it is stretchable! Since it’s free size, it’ll be flattering on any body type! It is also non-sheer so you don’t have to worry about the undergarments you’re wearing. A staple piece in your closet!

Cleo High Neck Ribbed Top in Walnut

Up next, the Cleo High Neck Ribbed Top! Comes in 4 elegant colours: White, Black, Blue & Walnut. This textured ribbed knit top with a baby lock neckline hem has a high neck collar. However, not to worry! The high neck collar doesn’t feel restricting at all or makes you feel uncomfortable. Similar to the Kenzie Basic Ribbed Top & Maeve Basic Sleeve Top, it is stretchable & non-sheer as well!

Maeve Basic Sleeve Top in White

Onto the Maeve Basic Sleeve Top! Comes in 4 colours: Walnut, Rose, White & Black. This soft knit top with a baby lock hem has a high neckline which doesn’t feel uneasy either. Like the other tops in this collection, it is stretchable & non-sheer.

Even though the tops in this collection are made of knit, it doesn’t feel too warm when worn so no worries about feeling uncomfortable! 😉

Kelsey Denim Shorts in Blue Denim

Moving onto shorts, say hello to our Kelsey Denim Shorts! Comes in 2 colours: Black Denim & Blue Denim. And guess what? They’re high-waisted! If you prefer to make yourself appear taller or want to hide your love handles, these shorts were made for you! Some details of these shorts are the cuffed hem & include 2 side and back pockets. Belt loops are also an option if you’d love to pair the outfit with a fancy belt! The sizes available for these shorts are S, M, L and XL.

Lastly, our dungarees! Whether you’re into the retro 90s look or love vintage on pieces that you can wear anytime, we have two designs for you!

Raven Dark Denim Dungaree

The first dungaree is the Raven Dark Denim Dungaree. This navy-blue denim dungaree has a slightly oversized fit and a straight cut fitting. It has adjustable straps with buckles for you to adjust to your convenience. The 2 side & back pockets are also deep enough to keep your phone or wallet without it looking too bulky! The sizes available for this dungaree are S, M & L.

Renee Denim Dungaree

The second dungaree is the Renee Denim Dungaree. Similar to the Raven Dark Denim Dungaree, this mid-denim blue dungaree has a slightly oversized fit & straight cut fitting as well. However, this dungaree has adjustable straps with buttons. Other than the 2 side & back pockets, it has a front chest pocket which adds a more laid-back touch to it. The sizes available for this dungaree are S, M & L.

And that’s all for Part 1! 😄We’re excited for you to see Part 2 of the Serenity collection as well which will be launching on Weds, 30th September. We hope to see you ladies sharing with us how you’re styling this collection, remember to tag us and use the hashtag #cliquewmontifs! Stay safe, everyone!

xoxo, Montifs 

(PS: Psst, remember to use the code “COSY” at checkout for 3 pieces @ 15% off! 😉)