Spice up your outfits with our Hair Accessories! 🛍

Welcome back, Montifs girls! 😍
Have you checked out the launch of our new Hair Accessories? A selection of headbands & scrunchies, who wouldn't love that?! We hope you love them as much as we do! Let's check it out, shall we? 😉
Firstly, we have the Jennie Ribbon Scrunchies which come in 2 colours: Black & Pink. Psst, these were named after the inspiration of most of your favourite girl groups, Blackpink! 😛 This high-quality polyester blend scrunchie has a ribbon-tie design to it which assists in giving your hairstyle a more chic look! These scrunchies also have a durable stretchy elastic. Hence, they won't break on you like most hair ties do! ❤️
Next up, we have the Cher Scrunchie Set which comes in 5 colours: Green, Blush, Yellow, Black & Plum. These scrunchies come in a set of two which include a solid colour & a checkered print. Talk about best of both worlds, huh? 😉 Other than the durable stretchy elastic, these scrunchies won't leave any creases in your hair either so no worries of having some crazy hair! 😛
Moving onto our Headbands, we have the Flora Knotted Headbands which comes in 2 colours: Yellow and Blue. The name of this headband was inspired by a childhood show, Winx Club! The elegant floral print on it reminds us of all things magical ✨ This pastel coloured base with floral prints will help to make any outfit for girly and cute! 🌸
Paisley Knotted Headband in Red
Next up, we have the Paisley Knotted Headband which comes in 2 colours: Brown & Red. The elegant paisley design gives a pop of pattern to your hairstyles! It is made of a high quality polyester blend fabric and is also very flexible & durable. Therefore, no worries about this headband breaking into 2! 😉
And here's to our Montifs team faves, the Blair Knotted Headband! Comes in 3 colours: Nude, Honey & Black. This is one of our team favourites because it has a minimalistic feel to it but adds a little pop of classiness to it! This headband has an abstract polkadot design to which is suitable for those of you who wants to begin playing around with prints but a little subtly 😏
And that is all for our Hair Accessories 😁 Hope you've all been doing well & please let us know some suggestions as to what kind of content you'd like to see for our Monday Blog posts! 👀
See you soon!
xoxo, Montifs 💋