Team Interviews: Izzy 😄👋🏻

Hey Montifs girls! In order to have a more personal relationship with you guys, we've decided to make new series called Team Interviews. This is where you can get to know more about the hard working team of Montifs! 😛
First up on this Team Interview, we have our purple-haired girl, Izzy! 👋🏻
1. Tell us about yourself!
My name is Izzy Khan, just turned 20 last week during this Libra season. I am a Social Media and Marketing Intern here at Montifs!
2. What does a typical work day in your life look like?
It includes me creating content such as for Instagram stories and posts. So basically shooting some fun pics or some try ons here & there and heading on to editing them to make 'em look attractive and informative for all of you Montifs girls!
Izzy wearing the Maeve Basic Top in Rose
3. What's one fashion advice you live by?
Invest in your staple closet essentials! I'm talking about your go-to basic black/white T-shirts & the perfect pair of jeans. Build up on these versatile pieces so that you can have different types of outfit variations such as just putting on a cardigan or your favourite pair of heels! & Voilà, your outfit is complete 😍
4. What are your top 3 closet essentials?
Firstly, a plain black t-shirt of course! With a good fitting, not too loose, not too tight. Helps me match with many different types of outerwear and bottoms!
Secondly, a good pair of white sneakers. My go-to sneakers right now are the Adidas Continental 80s. Easy to slip on without worrying about the laces and I'm out the door!
Lastly, high-waisted jeans!!! I love having different types of jeans such as boyfriend, mom & my recent favourite, flare!
5. What are some of your favourite pieces from Montifs?
My favourite pair of jeans from Montifs are probably the Leah Straight Cut Jeans! They're stretchy & has the perfect flare to it 😛
My favourite dress for sure would have to be the Phoebe Midi Dress! I'm a sucker for floral prints so this was perfect for me 😁
& That's Izzy for you, ladies! Hope you've got to know her better!
We'll have more Team Interview Blog posts with the rest of the team in the future but for now, wishing you the best! Stay safe! ❤️
xoxo, Montifs 💋